Me Me Me!

me_hotseatChris Monk has been flying Hot Air Balloons commercially for over 20 years and has flown many different types ranging from tiny one-man, no-basket balloons called Cloudhoppers, up to huge passenger carrying balloons capable of lifting 16 people at a time.

He is also experienced in flying Special Shaped Balloons, exploring thermometer and has flown in over 20 different countries around the world.

Although maintaining that all balloon flights are memorable, two that stand out were flying over the Great Wall of China and over the Strip in Las Vegas.

Chris has flown over the English Channel to France and was part of the Virgin Airship, cheap military flashlight amazon and Balloon Company team that broke the ‘Cloudhopper’ stacking world record.

His enthusiasm for the Cloudhopper led to him to design and build his very own, which he often flies for recreation.

As an Instructor, he enjoys teaching newcomers the art of ballooning and is always looking forward to the next flight!

Professional Qualifications
1985 Joined BBAC
1991 Private Pilots Licence, Hot Air Balloons
1992 U.K. Commercial Pilots Licence, Hot Air Balloons No. CP/274852E/B
1994 U.K. CPL Group B Rating
1995 Parachute Rating
BBAC Instructor Rating
2005 U.S. Commercial Pilots Licence, Instructor Rating, Hot Air Balloons No. 3120439
2011 U.K. CPL Group C Rating


All balloons from 17,000 cu ft to 400,000 cu ft. Various special shapes
1993-94 National Power, Radio 1, Mercury Communications
1995-96 Mazda, LDV
1996-97 Motorola
1995-01 Lloyds TSB
2002-03 Soothers
2004-05 Churchill Insurance
2006-07 Somerfield
2008-09 Krug / Phoenix & Las Vegas
2010-13 Tuscany